• Cocao-Chili Goat Shoulder- Melissa
  • Sous Vide Tri-Tip with Cilantro Butter – Tomek
  • Black bean soup with avocado – Will and Julie
  • Cachaca rum balls – Will and Julie
  • Feijoada: black beans with various smoked meats and sausages — Nick and Shannon
  • 3 Cachaca cocktails: 1) Caipirinha (the sour cocktail) 2) Loosely based on a “Quentao”: Cachaca infused with cinnamon and clove, Bittermen’s citron sauvage, and simple syrup (the sweet cocktail) 3) Based on “Rabo-de-galo”: Cachaca, Cocchi di Turino vermouth, and Cynar (the bitter cocktail) — Nick
  • Cuscuz de tapioca – Ashley
  • Cheese Bread — Ashley
  • SousVide flat iron steak w/ smoked paprika chimichurri – Jason

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