Kerala India


Chicken makhani rolls — Jason

Scallop ceviche with curry broth, topped with coconut cream sphere and lime cells — Nick

Egg curry — Ashley

Idli — Melissa

Papu — Saumya

Chicken curry — Takeshi

Paneer masala — Julie

Duck curry — Tomek

Pork vindaloo — Justin

Ginger and pistachio kulfi — Will

Carrot halwa — Shannon




  • Cocao-Chili Goat Shoulder- Melissa
  • Sous Vide Tri-Tip with Cilantro Butter – Tomek
  • Black bean soup with avocado – Will and Julie
  • Cachaca rum balls – Will and Julie
  • Feijoada: black beans with various smoked meats and sausages — Nick and Shannon
  • 3 Cachaca cocktails: 1) Caipirinha (the sour cocktail) 2) Loosely based on a “Quentao”: Cachaca infused with cinnamon and clove, Bittermen’s citron sauvage, and simple syrup (the sweet cocktail) 3) Based on “Rabo-de-galo”: Cachaca, Cocchi di Turino vermouth, and Cynar (the bitter cocktail) — Nick
  • Cuscuz de tapioca – Ashley
  • Cheese Bread — Ashley
  • SousVide¬†flat iron steak w/ smoked paprika¬†chimichurri – Jason



  • Marinated the goat leg overnight in mix of pickled beets, Midas Touch, and mead. Rubbed with spice mix of cumin, coriander, licorice, cinnamon, fennel, mastic, preserved lemons, dates, pistachios, sesame seeds, fig vinegar, garum, and black pepper. Browned meat, sweated spices in ghee, then braised for six hours until the meat fell off the bone.- Melissa
  • Home-brewed¬†Chocolate Stout – Tomek
  • Lamb Stew – Tomek
  • Unleavened Bread – Tomek
  • Pistachio baklava – Julie
  • SousVide aged beef topped with pressure cooked barley, pistachio, and pickled figs — Nick and Shannon
  • Mesopotamian bread¬†– Ashley
  • Pickles – Ashley
  • Mashed turnips with arugula and herbs – Ashley
  • Mesopotamian “Arancini” (braised pork shoulder with¬†Mesopotamian spices,¬†Israeli couscous & goat cheese; fried in duck fat. duck skin cracklings and pomegranate¬†gastrique)¬†– Jason
  • Roasted barley pilaf – Jenny

Viking Dinner


  • Sourdough rye crisp + homegrown Phoenix oyster mushrooms cooked in duck fat with boy myrtle, lavar, lingonberries, birch, cured duck breast, and wild boar – Melissa
  • Home-brewed¬†Brown Ale – Tomek
  • Giant Viking Meatballs – Tomek
  • Honey glazed root vegetables – Will and Julie
  • Savory Norse pancakes with Viking butter – Will and Julie
  • “Meade of poetry”: homemade beet amaro with honey meade – Nick
  • Sampler plate of puffed barley, pickled celery, homemade guanciale, and fried rye, along with¬†hazelnuts topped with homemade hazelnut milk
  • Saffron cheese tart – Shannon
  • Viking war glop with barley, stock fish, and sour cherries¬†– Tom
  • Lamb chops with watercress-hazelnut sauce and micro radish greens¬†– Jason
  • Fiskefarse (fish balls) – Nathan
  • Pickled Herring – Jenny
  • Fried meatballs¬†–¬†Ashley



  • Duck crackling grits – Melissa
  • Wild Turkey rye whiskey cocktail with homemade tobacco bitters and sweet vermouth – Nick
  • Hard tack – Jenny
  • Fried Corn Mush – Jenny
  • Dry Cured Duck breast and Duck Confit – Tomek
  • Lard biscuits – Ashley
  • Whiskey cornbread with whiskey butter – Will and Julie
  • Whiskey wilted purple cabbage – Will and Julie
  • SousVide duck with duck skin cracklins – Nick and Shannon

Victorian Dinner


  • Caramelized onion tarts – Will and Julie
  • Pistachio polenta – Will and Julie
  • Onion custard — Nick and Shannon
  • Earl Grey, Anise, and Rose water jellos– Shannon
  • 1) Cucumber mint butter tea sandwiches 2)Radish and ginger butter sandwiches and 3)Watercress and cream cheese sandwiches – Ashley
  • Lavender roasted duck – Jenny
  • Sorrel soup – Jenny
  • Victorian Era Party punch – Jenny
  • Earl Grey Consomme – Nathan


Ode to Apicius: Ancient Roman Dinner


  • Pork belly with sour cherries – Melissa
  • Plate of rare citrus – Melissa
  • SousVide pork shoulder (marinated with bay leaf, juniper, lovage, honey and black pepper) topped with a¬†toasted pine nut sauce with cumin¬†– Nick
  • Pine nut risotto – Nick
  • Pine nut sauce with lovage and vinegar served with medium boiled eggs – Shannon
  • Cucumbers marinated in fish sauce, vinegar, olive oil, and mint – Shannon
  • Ginevra’s saffron chickpeas, pear patina – Ashley
  • Patina versatilis vici dulcis (turnover as a sweet, nut tart) – Jenny
    Moretaria et Agnina (Mint, coriander, fennel, pepper, celery seed sauce with lamb ribs from the Logan Square Farmer’s Market) – Nathan